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Enterovirus Outbreak Among Children: Is it Our Fault?

As of today, Michigan is the twelfth state to report a spike in hospitalizations among children, likely caused by Enterovirus-68.  Over the past several days, more than a thousand children across 12 states in the Midwest and Southeast have been rushed to the hospital — many put into critical care units — as a result […]

And Now Antibiotics Are in Our Produce!

It turns out the FDA is perfectly OK with farmers using antibiotics on fruits and vegetables as an insecticide. From How Blueberry Pie Caused Girl’s Strange Allergic Reaction By Rachael Rettner, Senior Writer | September 03, 2014 07:30am ET A girl in Canada experienced an unusual allergic reaction to blueberry pie — she was […]

Perdue’s Meaningless Move to Eliminate Human Antibiotics from Chickens

By now (especially if you read this website regularly), we’re all familiar with the raging debate over the use of antibiotics in livestock and poultry.  Now, Perdue Foods — the nation’s third-largest chicken producer — has announced that it’s stopped the use of human antibiotics in about 95% of its chickens, and ALL of its […]

September 04

Grains are Very, Very Bad for Your Obligate Carnivore Cat, Carnivore Dog

Reposting for my readers! Dogs and cats are not vegetarians!

Women: Double Mastectomy Will Not Prevent Cancer!

The breaking medical news this morning is a study out of Stanford University — a BIG study — following 200,000 women in California over a period of several years — showing that women diagnosed with breast cancer in one breast who opt for total removal of BOTH breasts do not get a boost in their […]

Almost Killed by Voice Texting

Colorado woman impaled in buttocks by metal guard rail after crashing truck while voice texting (VIDEO) Christina Jahnz needed more than 40 stitches and will be forced to use a walker as she recovers from the ‘devastating’ incident, which took place shortly after she dropped her daughter off at Elizabeth Middle School. BY Lee Moran […]