Raw Milk Going On Sale Across the Pond!

It’s about freaking time!  Now maybe we can hope to see this here in the U.S.??

From the Daily Mail:

‘Raw’ milk set to go on sale: Controversial new rules mean unpasteurised version will soon to be available for shoppers to buy from in-store vending machines

  • The sale of unpasteurised milk is currently restricted due to health fears
  • But rules on its sale could be relaxed to allow vending machines in shops
  • Supporters say the milk is more natural and tastes better than pasteurised
  • But the milk industry is warning that changes could lead to food poisoning 


Unpasteurised milk could soon be made more widely available if current laws are relaxed

Milk lovers could soon be able to buy the product unpasteurised from supermarkets and shops, under proposals being discussed this week.

The Food Standard Agency is considering relaxing the laws on ‘raw milk’ to allow the product to be bought from vending machines in stores in England and Wales.

Raw milk is currently only available directly from farms and other suppliers with its wider sale regulated due to health fears.

But it is thought there is increasing demands for the product, which is widely bought and drunk on the continent and which many farmers say tastes better than the pasteurised product.

Its sale has previously been restricted because it may contain bacteria such as salmonella and E coli, which can cause food poisoning.

Members of the Food Standards Agency’s board are to discuss whether to loosen the rules tomorrow and, if they agree the move, retailers could be free to bring in the vending machines later this year.

Steve Wearne, Head of Policy at the Food Standards Agency, said: ‘It is clear that the current raw milk regulations have worked well to control the risks from raw milk.

‘We are not advising that these controls should be removed completely as they are necessary for continued consumer protection.

‘However, we believe there is the opportunity for us to make changes which balance modest liberalisation of sales with controls on production that ensure continued consumer protection.’

The proposals cover England, Wales and Northern Ireland but the sale of raw milk would remain banned in Scotland.

Dairy UK, the industry body for dairies, has warned against the move, which it says could put the public at risk.

Milk vending machines, like this one at Crossroads Farm in Eastwell, Leicestershire, could soon be in shops

Milk vending machines, like this one at Crossroads Farm in Eastwell, Leicestershire, could soon be in shops

It told the Independent: ‘Milk pasteurisation provides the public with a micro-biologically safe product, as raw milk poses a number of health concerns.

‘Statistics from Scotland show that incidents of food poisoning went down after raw drinking milk was banned.’

It has been claimed that raw milk is better for the stomach, contains more calcium and is less likely to spark allergies, but the supposed health benefits are disputed.

Hook and Son dairy in East Sussex are a large supplier of raw milk, which their website states is much safer than it used to be.

The dairy states: ‘Today, our milk is regularly analysed and milking plant regularly inspected to ensure that the cleanest milk is produced.

‘In this way all the benefits of the good bacteria in the milk are kept, without having any of the problems associated with bad.’