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Enough of the Suntan Scare Tactics!

Here we go AGAIN. In the heat of summer (pun intended), the U.S. Surgeon General has just issued a report warning Americans to STOP TANNING ALTOGETHER to prevent skin cancer. Acting Surgeon General Boris Lushniak (who himself is a dermatologist) says that skin cancer is a “major public health problem” and that too much exposure […]

Raw Milk Going On Sale Across the Pond!

It’s about freaking time! ┬áNow maybe we can hope to see this here in the U.S.?? From the Daily Mail: ‘Raw’ milk set to go on sale: Controversial new rules mean unpasteurised version will soon to be available for shoppers to buy from in-store vending machines The sale of unpasteurised milk is currently restricted due […]

Beefing Up Breakfast Cereal: Don’t Buy It!

Beefing Up Breakfast Cereal: Don’t Buy It!.

Beefing Up Breakfast Cereal: Don’t Buy It!

Hoping to boost its stagnating bottom line, General Mills is hoping to woo Americans back to the breakfast table by supercharging its cereal line. Prompted mostly by Americans eschewing that high-carb American breakfast mainstay for more protein-rich foods, General Mills is adding more protein — and more flavor — to its cereal line. But is […]