Monthly Archives: June 2014

Are You Drinking Too MUCH Water?

Now that we’re well into the heat of summer, most of us are dutifully following the conventional advice about keeping hydrated.  But is it possible to be overdoing it with the water? Growing up, I don’t remember all this obsession with keeping hydrated.  You took a drink when you were thirsty.  Period.  Nobody toted around […]

“Obesity Surgery May Cure Diabetes.” Don’t Buy It!

This week’s Journal of the American Medical Association is out with yet more propaganda leading more people down the misguided path to surgery to “cure” their obesity … this time, suggesting the surgery can also “cure” diabetes. They’ve published a study — a SINGLE study, mind you — out of Sweden that involved a few […]

The FDA’s War on Cheese

The nation’s Food Police are at it again.  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is set to ban a centuries-old natural process for making cheese:  aging it on wood shelves.  Interestingly enough, this would affect mostly independent and artisanal cheesemakers; the FDA appears to be fighting, in this case, AGAINST natural foods and FOR processed […]

More Marijuana Misinformation

A new report published in the New England Journal of Medicine is warning that there’s proof that marijuana is addictive, and use of the drug during the teen years has been linked to abnormalities in the brain that could impair learning, memory, and IQ.  OK, let’s take a closer look here.  It’s not a NEW […]