Pharmaceutical Connection to LAX Shooting?


We are now reporting what we “know” about LAX shooter Paul Ciancia:  23 years old … unemployed … “anti-government views” … “bullied” in high school … all those politically correct and socially “relevant” touchpoints.  Which of course has everyone cuing up that same old record:  Verse:  “Another gun murder in a public place!  Semi-automatic!  Bullied!  Terrorist!  Terrorist!”  Refrain:  “Ban guns!  Take them away from everybody!  Step up surveillance! Watch, harrass, and arrest gun owners who have even the slightest disagreement with government!”  Repeat.

But the questions that aren’t being asked (at leat not YET):  Could this have been triggered by – pharmaceuticals?  Was he seeing a psychiatrist?  Had he ever been prescribed psychiatric drugs like Ritalin, Prozac, Paxil, or Zoloft – all of which are known to push people into violence, suicide, and even homicide?

Will we ask these questions?  Or will we simply stick with the default narrative of blaming the weapon, rather than the person using it (or more menacingly, the doctors and druggists *behind* the person using it?).

Time will certainly tell.