Angelina Jolie’s Decision … Have We Gone Totally Mad??

The news is all over the “private” decision by actress Angelina Jolie to pre-emptively cut her cancer “risk” by undergoing a double mastectomy — and of course getting reconstructive surgery.

You can read the whole story here:

What’s troubling here is the message that Jolie is sending to women:  to cut your cancer risk, butcher your body and literally cut off those parts that may one day succumb to cancer.  And of course, turn around and pay upwards of $50,000 to “reconstruct” what you’ve had lopped off.

As usual, it’s very important to carefully consider the source of this information.  Who benefits financially from this radical and extreme preventative “treatment”?  Think carefully now …

I’ve posted this before, but it certainly bears re-posting.  Please, before you undergo any such radical and irreversible procedure, make you have ALL the facts: