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From, one of my “pet” causes:  blowing the lid off the whole fluoride lie. FLUORIDEGATE the movie is a new documentary film that reveals the tragedy of how the United States government, industry, and trade associations protect and promote a policy known to cause harm to our country and especially small children, who suffer […]

A Word about Weed …

  Prescription Drug Overdoses Killed 23,000 Americans in 2010; Cannabis – 0 Posted on February 20, 2013 at 10:08 am by David Downs in Health Drug overdose deaths rose for the eleventh straight year in America, fueled by legal prescriptions for OxyContin and Valium. Medical cannabis, meanwhile, continued its 10,000 year-long streak of not killing anyone by overdose. […]

From “Nature”. And These are FDA-Approved Drugs!

Anti-anxiety drug found in rivers makes fish more aggressive Behaviour changes result from benzodiazepine levels similar to those in the environment. 14 February 2013 By Heidi Ledford Perch can accumulate high levels of oxazepam when the anti-anxiety drug makes it into their river water. Tiny amounts of a common anti-anxiety medication — which ends […]

11 Scariest Things in Your Food

Great article from Men’s Health, curated by Yahoo! Health: Feb 09, 2013 Men’s Health by Bill Phillips and the Editors of Men’s Health I always tell my daughters they can make a difference in the world, even at their tender ages of 10 and 7. To them, I probably sound like the teacher from […]

Fast Food? More like FAKE Food!

This photo has been making the rounds on social media again.  But the accompanying story isn’t entirely accurate.  Still, just the same, this pink slime is still out there, most often in those pre-formed frozen hamburger patties you buy at the grocery store. And regardless of whether McDonald’s does or does not use MSM meat in […]

How HCG Saved My Life

OK, so many of you have responded that I’ll try to make this as broad as possible, with the relevant specifics. First and foremost, let me assure you there are no judgements here.  The road I’ve travelled on my own weight loss odyssey was blighted with potholes – craters, in fact – u-turns, wrong ways, […]