What You Don’t Know about Coca-Cola is Literally Killing You

What a can of Coca-Cola REALLY does to your body: Infographic reveals the effects the fizzy drink has in just an hour… from a 20-minute blood sugar spike to the ‘crash’ Visual from Renegade Pharmacist has reaction from first sip to 60 minutes In first 10 minutes more than 100% of daily sugar intake is […]

It’s Official: We’re Raising Little Monsters

Too Much Praise Can Turn Kids Into Narcissists, Study Suggests by Alice G. Walton for Forbes magazine Helicopter parenting, along with other forms of over-parenting, have come under considerable criticism in recent years for creating a generation of kids who can’t problem-solve for themselves. Now, a related parenting behavior – “overvaluing” one’s kids – has […]

Government Drops Dietary Cholesterol Warnings, and What Your Doctor Will Never Tell You about Cholesterol

After more than 40 years of demonizing eggs, cheese, butter, and red meat, the nation’s top nutrition advisory panel has decided to drop its long-standing caution about eating cholesterol-laden food. This is something *I* have been saying for quite some time now, and finally a growing number of doctors and nutritionists are finally recognizing it:  […]

What Doctors are Saying about Vaccines: The Untold Story

It’s long, but it’s thorough!

“Rick Simpson” Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil

As readers of my blog know, I’m a huge advocate of Hemp Oil. Not the stuff you can buy by the bottle at your local health store, but that dark, tar-like cannabis extract made famous by Rick Simpson, author and producer of “Run From the Cure” on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0psJhQHk_GI), who has published many testimonials from […]

Zero-Calorie Foods DO Make You Fat!

From Yahoo! Health: The Truth About Zero-Calorie Drinks and Foods Eat This, Not That!October 27, 2014 (Photo by iStock) Body weight comes from calories, so when you eat or drink something with zero calories, you gain zero weight. Right? Wrong. Shockingly wrong. In fact, with the exception of water, any zero-calorie food or beverage you […]

Enterovirus Outbreak Among Children: Is it Our Fault?

As of today, Michigan is the twelfth state to report a spike in hospitalizations among children, likely caused by Enterovirus-68.  Over the past several days, more than a thousand children across 12 states in the Midwest and Southeast have been rushed to the hospital — many put into critical care units — as a result […]